Innovation and Design in Spa Manufacturing

Innovation and Design in Spa Manufacturing

Innovation and Design

Spas Wholesale is at the forefront of Innovation and Design in Spa and Swim Spa Technology. We are constantly exploring ways to improve the experience of owning a Spa.

All spas manufactured by Spas Wholesale, from Spas to Swim Spas are inspected by Quality Auditors at each phase, to ensure that the quality of the product is 100%. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that the quality of our portable spas and swim spas.

Maximising Spa Enjoyment and Relaxation

Our Spas and Swim Spas are designed to maximise the enjoyment and relaxation benefits of your spa. At water testing stage, all spas undergo a complete FAST (Final Acceptance Spa Test) 100 point computer analysis of all the working components of the spa. This 100 point check verifies that the spa pool has passed all checkpoints and that all electrical components are working in the correct amperage parameters. This computerised testing equipment will then produce either a pass or fail result. Spas Wholesale spas and swim spas use only superior quality components and raw materials supplied.

Our Mission

We believe in our products, our people and our mission. We set out to change the spa and swim spa market in Australia for the better, cutting out the middle-man by bringing quality products from around the world direct to you – our valued customer. We are sincere in our commitment that we will do everything we can to create products, experiences, and backyard environments that create more peaceful moments in each of your lives.