Congratulations on becoming a spa owner. You will find the control systems in our spas have been designed for simplicity and can be programmed to suit your individual preferences. With the proper care and service of your new spa, and the correct chemical maintenance of the water, your spa will provide years of enjoyment.

If you have any questions in the installation, operation or maintenance of the spa that this manual does not answer, please consult with Spas Wholesale or the dealer.

Please take time to read our manuals carefully before operating your spa.

Important: Do not power up your spa until you have read this entire Operating Manual. Improper installation may result in equipment damage and void the spa warranty.

Spas Wholesale Models & Controllers

Please review this information to identity your Spa Model controller and control panel.

Relax Plus / Fiji Plus / Bali / Phuket / Tahiti

Controller: BALBOA GS100 | Control Panel: VL260

Lifestyle / Family

Controller: BALBOA GS510 | Control Panel: VL801D

Hawaii Swim X / Hydro Swim

Controller: BALBOA GS523 | Control Panel: VL801D

Fiji Plus / Bali / Phuket / Tahiti

Controller: GECKO YJ | Control Panel: IN.K500

Hawaii Swim X / Hydro Swim

Controller: GECKO YE | Control Panel: IN.K500/IN.K1000

Relax / Fiji

Controller: Joyonway | Control Panel: PB557

Jamaica / Crete/ Capri/ Sicily

Controller: BALBOA BP6013 | Control Panel: TP600

Document Downloads

Spa Wholesale Spa Operating Manual

Spa Wholesale Spa Operating Manual

Balboa Panel Instructions

Balboa VL260 Quick Reference Guide

Balboa VL801D Quick Reference Guide

Gecko Panel Instructions

Gecko in.k500 color display keypad for spas

Gecko in.k1000 color capacitive touchscreen display keypad for spas

Balboa Tech Sheets

Balboa GS523 Controller Guidebook

Balboa GS100 Tech Sheet

Balboa GS510DZ Tech Sheet

Joyonway Tech Sheets

P29B70 Joyonway Instruction Manual

Joyonway PB557 Panel Controller Guidebook

Balboa Controller Videos

Balboa's GS523 GS510-VL801D Operation Video

Balboa's GS100-VL260 Operation Video

Controller User Manuals for the model Jamaica/Crete/Capri/Sicily

TP600 and TP400 Control Panels

BP6013G1 Tech Sheet