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When debris accumulates to the point where filtration efficiency is affected, a spa/swim spa owner is faced with increased operating costs and poor water quality.

Backwashing or cleaning becomes more frequent, increasing water and chemical usage, while poorer filtration increases chemical consumption in an effort to compensate. Cleaning is a vitally important part of the spa/swim spa maintenance process. Simply draining and refilling a spa/swim spa may well reinfect the new water with the same ‘old’ germs. Cleaning involves regular treatment of all pipelines prior to draining, purging of ‘old’ water from all pipelines, washing and polishing the shell using a surface cleaner, cleaning debris out of the skimmer and the lint trap and chemically cleaning the filter. Doing this improves bather comfort, reduces skin and eye irritation, improves water clarity and enhances the performance of sanitisers and oxidisers.

BioGuard SPA Swirl Away is a specially formulated cleaner for removing waste and scale  build-up in spas and their plumbing.

Product Features:

• Contains surfactants, chelating agents, water softeners and emulsifiers.

• Unique cleaning formulation.

• Use before draining and refilling your spa/swim spa. 

• Suitable for all spas and spa baths.

• Classified as Non-Dangerous Good*.


• Prevents scale build-up in plumbing lines and jets.

• Breaks down body oils and other organic wastes.

• Prevents re-deposition of solids in pipes.

• Promotes better circulation and filtration.

• Storage and transport friendly.

Spas and Hot Tubs: Pour 250ml of Swirl Away into the spa or hot tub before draining.  Turn the pump on at high speed for 1 hour. Drain and resume normal maintenance procedures. Repeat this procedure monthly or as required.


MSDS Sheet:

Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only.
Bio Guard and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers.
We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.

Spa chemicals cannot be shipped to a Post Box. Please provide a physical address during checkout.

Selection Tips

  • Check your current water treatment type.

  • Is your system chlorine based, Poppits non chlorine or Poppits Sanosil non chlorine?

  • Check your pool volume.

Anti-freeze Function

LCD Display

Overheating Protection

Child Safety Lock

Anti-dry Burning Function

Intelligent Sleep Mode

Time Filtration

User-friendly Design

Premium Tub Insulation

Completely sprayed in high-density insulation foam, each shell is reinforced with up to 30% thicker layers, ensuring superior temperature retention and energy efficiency for an comfortable and eco-friendly spa experience.

Temperature Sealed™ Base

Spa features a durabla and seamless base platform, acting as a superior insulating layer to prevent heat loss, ensuring your relaxation is accompanied by efficient energy conservation.

Foil Thermal Insulation

Spa interior perimeter layered with thick infrared heat lining to keep the heat remain in the spa.

Eco-Timber Cabinet

Spa cabinet layered with thick infrared heat lining to prevent the heat leaking.

PureFlow Water Care System

Our advanced PureFlow Water Care System features a AquaPure UV System, Microban Top Loading Filter and a PureOzone System, ensuring you can enjoy crystal clear and hygienic water effortlessly.

AquaPure UV System

Our AquaPure UV System use ultraviolet light to reduce chemical levels and get rid of chlorine by-products, making your spas and swim spas safer, healthier, and easier to manage.

Microban™ Top Loading Filter

Experience continual water circulation and effective filtration for a crystal-clean, healthy soaking experience. Our spa's equiped with precise filter element help to remove hair, leaves, dust and sand etc, offering a refreshing and healthy water treatment.

UltraPure Ozone Disinfection

Insists on daily disinfection of water to kill bacteria, viruses, remove odor and residual chlorine.

Your Personal Professional PassionateTherapist in Your House

All massage jet are eguipped with stainless steel cover, it connected with ultra quiet massage pump, water come through jet to bring you high pressure massage hydrotherapy, and it has different massage core, which can provide different massage mode through different types of massage jet.

Targeted Hydro Jet

Dynamic Rotate Jet

Multi Whirlpool Jet

Premium LED Mood Light System

Elevate relaxation with our LED mood light system. Customize colours for a calm or lively vibe, and enjoy a full sensory experience.

20 Years Warranty

Ease relax in the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience with our premium spas and swim spas, featuring a comprehensive warranty package ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting enjoyment of soothing hydrotherapy.

Structural Warranty

Heater Replacement Warranty

Plumbing Warranty

Shell Acrylic Warranty

Pump and Electrical Warranty

Cabinet Structural Warranty

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