Future Proof Your Spa

Future Proof Your Spa

Future-Proof Your Spa

Most if not all spa problems can be avoided! Proactive maintenance will prevent most hot tub problems and long-term damage. For longer periods where the spa will not be in use consider enclosing your entire spa to keep wind, rain, dirt, snow, and harmful UV rays from direct contact with your spa cover and cabinet.

Hot Tub Foundations

Hot tubs require solid, uniform, level surfaces. Structurally sound concrete floors, compacted crushed stone bases and decks/patios are suitable.

Note that foundations not naturally flush on the floor may crack your hot tub shell or cause other internal damage. And portable Spas should never be placed on bare ground or grass. If you are unsure please consult with a structural engineer or qualified contractor.   

Keep Hot Tub Water Clear

Keep your water clear and balanced and avoid problems.

Things to keep an eye out for include dirty filters, excessive oils or organic matter, improper sanitizing, suspended particles or organic matter, overused or old water, metals in your water and natural debris that can contribute to clogging. Remember to perform routine spa check-ups! 

Proper Water Maintenance

Proper water maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs and long-term hot tub problems. Maintaining a healthy pH balance and performing routine maintenance on your spa water can help prevent most water balance problems.

You can avoid corrosion, circulation issues and bacteria growth by checking for algae, mold and bacteria and sanitising or draining the tub as needed.

Clean Filters

A clean filter is essential for a healthy spa. When filters become dirty contaminants can't be removed which leads to water chemistry issues. To avoid problems, establish a regular schedule for cleaning your filter.

Rinsing your spa filters once a month and deep cleaning filters every couple of months by soaking them in a bucket of filter cleaner. Replace filters on the requested replacement schedule or as needed.

Critters or Rodents

Is your hot tub is accessible to outdoor critters or rodents? Check that your spa cover is sealed and look for breaches in the spa shell to help prevent long-term damage from pests. Check for frogs, bees, or mice. Frogs are attracted to heat and can access improperly covered spas. And mice can chew on spa wiring causing costly and time-consuming damage and repair.

Hot Tub Safety

Enclosures and supervision are necessary to protect children, pets, and wildlife from the dangers of hot tubs and spas. Fencing should be four-sided and tall enough to prevent children from getting in, with a self-closing and self-latching gate.

Enjoy Your Spa All Year-Round

There's nothing like soaking in hot water to boost your immune system and ease aches and pains. And spas are great for entertaining your friends and family. Follow a few steps consistently and enjoy your hot tub all year round!