Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

The Hot Tub filtration system removes dirt and oils for improved water clarity and increased spa equipment life. Regularly cleaning your filters and replacing them as needed is essential for maintaining your hot tub in good condition and prolonging its life.

How Hot Tub Filters Work

Filters trap particles as water flows through the filter media and act as the most important line of defense against dirty spa water.

The way filters work is they trap unwanted particles in their folds as water passes through them. The particles remain there until the filter is cleaned out. So, your role in maintaining the filter contributes greatly to its effectiveness. Neglecting regular filter maintenance and replacement could cause dirt and grime to build up and strain your hot tub pumps and heating system.

Filter Aging Signs

Look for the signs your filter has aged and needs service or replacement:

  • Fuzzy, frayed, or torn fabric
  • Cracked end caps that are brittle or bleached
  • Pleats sticking together after cleaning
  • Pleats end cap separation
  • Persistent staining and odors

Cleaning Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filters today are usually designed as cartridges that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced easily. Each cartridge has a core structure (usually made of plastic) with a medium wrapped around it that acts as the filter. This medium is usually made of polyester or other materials and is pleated, which increases the surface area of the filter and makes it more effective at cleaning the water.

Rinsing filters remove debris, but they can clog with body oils, lotions, soaps and mineral deposits. To clean them properly, rotate them with a clean, dry set every water change, and at least every 3-4 months. Rinse dirty filters thoroughly as soon as you remove them from the spa, as debris will be more difficult to remove if they are allowed to dry.

To clean filter cartridges, remove them following the spa manufacturer’s directions, then spray with a filter sprayer nozzle at a 45-degree angle to remove debris between pleats. If you don’t have a filter-cleaning sprayer, you can use a standard garden hose sprayer.

In a bucket, mix filter cleaner with water and soak the filters overnight. Using hot water may speed up the process. Remove the filters from the bucket, rinse them, then dry them. Drying the filters helps control any mold or microbial growth that may be persistent on wet filters.

Filter Cleaning Best Practice

Rotate your spa's filters with a clean, dry spare set every time you change the water, and at least every 3-4 months. This way, you'll never have to wait to use your spa after cleaning the filters.

Do not clean filters with anything other than filter cleaner. Dichlor, laundry bleach, and other forms of chlorine can damage filters and cause them to fail prematurely.

If your spa has hard water, calcium deposits may clog the filter cartridge. After cleaning the filters, soak them in a 20:1 water to Acid Magic solution until the bubbling stops. Acid Magic is just as effective as muriatic acid at clearing away scale, but it is much safer.

Cleaning will maximise the life of the cartridge filter. We recommend replacing the filter every year or so based on use. When a spa is used a lot or is in a commercial setting, it may need to be replaced more often.

Keep in mind that inferior filters may need to be replaced more often to prevent clogging and inefficiency.

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