Hot Tub Landscaping: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Oasis

Hot Tub Landscaping: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Oasis

Planning a hot tub in your backyard?

Hot tub landscaping is key for the perfect outdoor oasis. When choosing the perfect spot for a hot tub, consider privacy, accessibility, and views. Pay attention to size and type of water feature, as well as any necessary wiring and plumbing.

Here are tips to help you create a beautiful and functional space. Taking all these elements into account will ensure a perfect fit in your outdoor space.

7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Oasis

1. Start with a Plan: decide hot tub location, privacy, accessibility, and views. Consider consulting a pro to create a cohesive design.

2. Create a Pathway: Create a pathway from your house to your hot tub using pavers, stepping stones, or natural stone. Add lighting for night navigation. Additionally, you can use decorative lanterns or string lights for a cozy, inviting ambiance. Whatever option you choose, make sure you have a well-lit pathway to your hot tub.

3. Add Privacy: Hot tubs = relaxation! Ensure privacy with a screen/fence or use plants (tall grasses, bamboo, and evergreen trees) for a natural screen. Hot tubs = relaxation! Installing a physical screen such as a fence or wall is one of the most effective ways to protect your privacy, but if you're looking for a more natural look, tall grasses, bamboo and evergreen trees can provide a beautiful and effective visual barrier.

4. Incorporate Seating: Add seating, such as a bench or chairs, and a table for drinks/snacks for the hot tub area. This will create a more inviting atmosphere and provide a great spot for relaxation and conversation.

5. Use Lighting: Enhance your hot tub area with lighting like string lights, lanterns, or a chandelier. With the right touches of lighting, your outdoor hot tub area can become the perfect place for relaxation and conversation. Ensure the lighting is suitable for outdoor use and is rated for wet locations.

6. Add Some Greenery: Adding plants to your hot tub for a more natural and relaxing atmosphere. Ferns, hostas and succulents are good choices and options. Hanging baskets and planters will add more colour and texture. The plants will love the warm, humid atmosphere of your hot tub and you'll make your hot tub a lush green oasis!

7. Consider Your Climate: For colder climates consider a pergola/gazebo. This will offer protection from the worst of the elements. You might also consider a heater to keep water warm or a fire pit so you can enjoy the outdoors even in the coldest weather.

Summing Up

Plan your hot tub landscaping carefully to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Follow tips and consult a professional for the best results. And enjoy years of relaxation and enjoyment in your backyard oasis!