Put Your Spa at The Right Place By Considering These Factors

Where is the best place to put a spa?

Do you have a backyard that’s looking a little empty? If you have, then it’s the best place to put a spa or a swim spa. However, you must place it at the right location to protect your privacy while enhancing your comfort. Where's the best place to put a spa?

The right location also optimises the spa’s practicality and aesthetics. Here’s a guide to help you identify the best spot for your spa, considering factors like privacy, access, shade, ground support, and more.

Ground Support

You can install your spa anywhere in your backyard as long as it has an even surface. However, spas are heavy, especially when filled with water and people. The selected spot must be able to support the weight. Therefore, consider installing a deck around the spa area.

Backyard Size and Electrical Accessibility

The first step is determining if your backyard has sufficient space for a spa or swim spa. A small Plug and Play Spa will take at least 2.1 x 1.6 m space, just the spa. You also need to take the surrounding area into consideration. Do you want a fence around the spa? Will you install a spa cover lifter? All this needs to be considered.

If you want a fence, deck, or cover lifter around your spa, then you’ll need a bigger space. Consider clearing at least 2 meters of space around each side of the spa to ensure you have sufficient space for additions.

Moreover, your spa must be connected to a power point while it runs, so make sure your backyard has an electrical source. This is why people usually put their spa closer to the main house. However, if you have a power point in an area further from the house, then you’re more than welcome to put the spa there.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Convenience should be a priority when placing your hot tub. Installing it closer to the main house makes it accessible in all weather conditions, which is important in colder climates. You'll likely use it more often if it's easy to get to. Proximity reduces the cost and complexity of electrical wiring and plumbing installation, too.

But, not all people like having their spa so close to their back door. Therefore, if you want the spa a bit further away, make sure that it’s easily accessible. Put it where you can get to it easily from the house, either through a back or side door. Consider putting the spa under a pergola or shade to protect you from harsh weather so you won’t be discouraged from using it while it’s cold.


Privacy is essential when installing a spa. You’ll want a spot that shields you from the prying eyes of neighbours or passersby. Positioning your spa near dense bushes or trees helps, but sometimes it’s not adequate cover. Consider putting the spa near the main house so it’s covered by the fence.

Alternatively, you can build an alcove/annex-like space with fences or privacy screens around the spa. This is the best solution if you want to put the spa away from the main house. Another option would be to install a spa cover lifter and position it to cover you while you’re using it.

These features will provide seclusion while adding a decorative touch. Think about the line of sight from neighbouring properties and public spaces, and position your spa accordingly.

Sun and Wind Shade

For your own health and the spa’s quality, it’s better to choose a shaded spot in your backyard. Sun exposure is nice, but prolonged exposure can lead to health issues in the long run. Not to mention the damage it will do to your spa long-term. Consider putting the spa in a spot shaded by the house or installing a shaded pergola/umbrella to mitigate the glare.

Another thing to consider is wind exposure. Wind will blow dead leaves, debris, and dust into your spa, making it a pain to clean. Therefore, it’s best to place your spa in a windbreak spot, like behind the house, beside walls, or behind hedges to shield your spa from strong gusts.

Sound Considerations

A quiet, serene environment enhances the spa’s relaxing experience. Avoid placing your spa near noisy areas such as external air conditioning units or busy streets. It’s best to put the spa away from a neighbouring fence, too, because the neighbours and your noise will annoy each other. Additionally, consider adding elements like a small fountain or soft music that can mask noise and create a tranquil atmosphere. 


Selecting the right spot for your spa is crucial not only for your enjoyment but also for its long-term operation and maintenance. Consider support, ease of use, accessibility, privacy, exposure to natural elements, and sound considerations when choosing the location. With careful planning, your spa will become a cherished part of your home that provides relaxation and joy for years to come.

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