Spa Care Tips & Tricks

Spa Care Tips & Tricks

Spa Care Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to keep you enjoying your spa with a minimum of fuss and hassle. These Spa tips will help you save money and spend more time relaxing in your spa. Remember the phrase 'prevention is better than cure'.

Tennis Balls

You can drop a few tennis balls into your spa’s skimmers, or directly into the water. The tennis balls naturally soak up the body oils, hair and body lotions and other contaminants in the water and prevent them from entering your spa’s filter. Change the tennis balls regularly for optimum results particularly if you use your tub frequently or for spa parties.

Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Clean with Bleach

Proper hot tub care will keep it clean and extend its service life. Spa covers are exposed to constant heat and moisture so can develop a musty or mildewy smell when not properly cared for.

To prevent this use a simple bleach solution in a spray bottle, combining nine parts water to one part bleach. Use this solution every few months to keep the underside of your hot tub spick and span.

Keeping Filters Clean

Your Spa filter cartridges do the heavy lifting keeping your spa water clean. They need a clean too! You can do this with a Filters Spray Cleaner. The tip here is to frequent wash your filters. Give them a weekly rinse and a good soak in filter cleaner at least once per month. Filter spray cleaner is available from your Spa manufacturer, bit you can also dilute filter cleaner according to the package directions and use your own spray bottle. Drench the filter, and be sure to rinse it well or leftover cleaner can make it into the water and contribute to cloudy or foam spa water.

Rotating Filters Sets

If you keep an extra set of filter cartridges ready you can swap in the fresh set. This will minimise spa downtime, and more importantly extend the filters lifespan.

Partial Water Changes

When you are deciding whether to change your spa water you can measure the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS is a measure of soluble elements in your spa’s water. A high TDS reading can indicate organic contamination in the water. By taking this reading and performing a partial water change at more regular intervals and minimise the need to do a complete refill.

Partial can be performed by removing a portion of your spa’s water. You then do the TDS check and make adjustments as necessary until your water is balanced. Once the TDS reads low, you'll find it easier to balance your water chemistry. And you will be aiding your Spa sanitiser work more efficiently.

You will still need to perform full water changes on a regular basis. But partial changes can reduce the frequency this is needed. And be a quicker method to bring your water back to perfect.

Save Money with Off-Peak Heating

This tip is about saving you money. You can ask your utility provider when their off peak times are, then program your spas heater to heat during those off-peak hours. A penny saved is penny earned as they say!

Keep Your Jets Clear with White Vinegar

If you are using hard water in your spa, over time calcium can accumulate in your jets. This can cause jets to stiffen, clog, or fail altogether. To prevent this calcium build-up, you can use some white vinegar to clean the spa’s valves and jets. The acidic power of the vinegar will dissolve the calcium quick smart. Remember to rebalance your water after cleaning as the acids will affect the Spa water pH and alkalinity levels.

Keep Your Spa Covered When Not in Use

Keeping your cover on helps your spa maintain a constant temperatur. It also keeps our bugs, frogs, and other insects. The cover on can also boost the bromine’s performance if that is your sanitiser of choice. So best practice is to keep your spa covered whenever you’re not using it.

Prevent Soaps and Contaminants Out of Your Spa Water

A quick shower before entering your spa will make a world of difference! This prevents lotions, hair products, deodorants, skin creams, sunscreens, and other nasties out. If they get into the water you'll have cloudy water fast. Prevention is far easier. So have everyone shower before they enter your spa. That will prevent an issue you will later have to solve

Summing It Up

Following these tips and tricks can allow you spend more time enjoying your spa and less time on maintenance. Remember to be consistent in order to make the most of your investment.

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