Starting The Spa With New Water

Starting The Spa With New Water

Starting The Spa With New Water

Never fill the spa with soft water unless an appropriate mineral supplement is immediately added. If your water is extremely hard, it is preferable to either dilute the water’s hardness by blending the water with water from a water softener, or by the addition of a special water softening chemical. For more information, contact us at

Step 1: Add the prescribed dose of Stain and Scale Inhibitor while filling the spa. This will provide the initial protection against staining and scaling. Once the spa is filled, add the prescribed dose of Water Clarifier. This will clear the water of any micro-particulates that may be in the new water.

Step 2: If possible, have your authorised Spa dealer test the calcium hardness (CH) of your spa water. Adjust theCH to 150-200 parts per million (PPM).

Step 3: Test and adjust the Total Alkalinity (TA). TA should measure 100 to 120 PPM.

Step 4: Test and adjust the pH. Water pH should measure 7.4 to 7.6.

Step 5: After the spa water has circulated for 1 hour, Super Sanitise the water by adding 2 teaspoons (10cc) of Granular Chlorine (Dichlor-type only) or 4 teaspoons (20cc) of Granular Bromine per 200 gallons (909.2l) of spa water. (For complete details, refer to the Super Sanitation section.) After several hours, check sanitiser level and adjust, if necessary.

Step 6: Startup water chemistry is now complete. However, it may take several days for the filter to completely clear the water.

How Do I Test My Spa To Ensure It Is Ready To Use?

Correct water balance ensures that equipment and surfaces are protected and that water is comfortable for bathers. To test pH, alkalinity and calcium levels in the water, use the Spa Fresh 4 Way Test Strips.

Remove the strip from the vial and swirl beneath the surface of the spa water 2 to 3 times then line the strip up against the outside of the container. (Do not shake water from the strip).

Maintain alkalinity at 80 - 120 ppm and pH at 7.2 - 7.6. Using the label, determine the correct amount of Spa Fresh Alkalinity &pH Increaser required. Scoop up container of spa water and add the required dosage of Spa Fresh Alkalinity & pH Increaser. Dissolve Spa Fresh Alkalinity & pH Increaser completely in the bucket & pour back into spa. Re-check pH & alkalinity using Test Strips. Repeat process if needed to attain correct level.