Swim Spas for Resistance Training

Swim Spas for Resistance Training

The Benefits of Water Based Resistance Training

Resistance training (also called strength training or weight training) helps build the strength and anaerobic endurance (Anaerobic endurance is the ability to sustain intense, short duration activity). Examples of resistance training are weight lifting or sprinting.

Spas are ideal for resistance training in the comfort of your own home and allow you to achieve a well-rounded training program.

It's important to speak with to your healthcare provider prior to commencing any exercise program. This helps determine whether your current fitness level supports the new proposed exercise.

Swim Spas for Resistance Training

The Swim Spas jets are designed to deliver a powerful current to work against. This current when used correctly can give you the same results as working out with weights. With lower jet flow settings equating to less weight, and conversely higher flow settings enabling for more intense resistance workouts.

Spas however have the benefit of a type of training that supports muscles during exercise and reduces joint stress. You can build up to a high level of peak performance without risking injury or putting excess pressure on your joints.

Water based resistance training can also be beneficial for those recovering from an injury. Water workouts can hep you stay conditioned while you recover from an injury, which is why elite athletes use this method stay match-ready during recovery stages.

Core Resistance Workouts

Achieving a toned mid-section/abs can be achieved by working out against a swim spa current. You want exercises that target your core and contribute to a well rounded strength training regimen.

The exercises will be based around holding onto the side, and performing crunches or pikes against the Swim Spas current. Alternatively you can use a medicine ball or kick-board to increase the level or resistance and provide more resistance.

Running Resistance Workouts

With water based running workouts you get the same cardio workout as an effective land based running regime.

With spas you can achieve the same benefits you get from running, without the negative gravity-induced effects on joints. Want more intensity, run faster! It's as simple as running against a current, so you can perform this Swim Spa Exercise without additional equipment. You can also opt for shallow or deepwater workouts to change the result, and even drop in a water based treadmill for more options!

Swimming Resistance Workouts

The timeless act of swimming is an exercise that never goes out of style. Swimming in a Swim Spa provides all of the benefits from pool swimming, such as low impact exercise, building endurance and muscle strength, and increasing cardiovascular fitness

Swim Spa swimming offer all of the the benefits from pool based swimming. Such as enjoying an increase in overall well being, the burning of more calories than running, and an overall slow down of the aging process.

Swimming regularly can also help those suffering from Asthma. And it most certainly helps alleviate stress! All from the comfort of home.

So jump into Water Workouts for Health at Home!

If you you looking for the ultimate resistance workout adding a Swim Spa is an easy way to challenge yourself and keep fit and healthy. They are also arguably provide the ultimate stress relief and as well as an opportunity to bring your loved ones together for quality time.

So there is no doubt, adopting Swim Spa Based resistance training will add a powerful dimension to your exercise regime and enable you to realise your fitness goals.