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5 Things to Consider When Buying A Spa

5 Things to Consider When Buying A Spa

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Purchasing a spa is a considerable investment. So it’s important to spend time finding the right spa for your home and lifestyle. A quality spa will last you a very long time so it’s worth doing the research. This article outlines the factors you want to consider when making your choice.

Here are 5 things to consider when buying your dream spa!

Spa Installation Considerations

There are costs and considerations when installing a spa for your home. You'll need to place a spa on a 150mm concrete slab, and have the spa wired to your house using a circuit breaker. Where you place the spa will also affect installation. If your site has difficult site access, you may need a crane for delivery. You also need to consider shade and landscaping around your spa. This can add a significant cost to the price of your spa.

Spa Model Pricing

When choosing your dream spa you need to consider the retail price. But don’t forget to factor in the ongoing running costs. And remember choosing a quality spa will save you money in the long run.

Running Costs

Spas cost money to power and heat. So when choosing your spa, investigate the ongoing running costs. More energy-efficient spas will use and the lower the running costs. And spas from a larger manufacturer tend to have superior water care systems. This includes (including filtration, ozone and UV) and better insulation.

Spas with more effective insulation will reduce the spa heating costs over the life of the spa. There are several types. Foam on shell, cabinet insulation and full foam insulation inside the spa cabinet. The most popular method is the foam on shell method. Note depending on the climate, full foam insulation may not be necessary.

Spa Maintenance

Spas need basic maintenance. And consistent maintenence is the key. Being consistant with your spa maintenance will minimise the work required. And keep your spa running trouble-free for years.

A spa maintenance routine will keep water clean and healthy. We can do this in 5 to 10 minutes per week. Spa maintenance involves adjusting ph levels, sanitiser levels, and cleaning the spas filters. And following the spa chemical label to use the correct quantities of spa chemicals.

When you are selecting your spa, ask the salesperson about the chemical requirements. And if they recommend servicing intervals. Also ask how often the spa filters should be replaced.

After Sales Warranty and Support

Check your Spa manufactor has a comptetive warranty, and after sales support. And make sure their after sales customer service team is easy to contact. You can test this by calling or emailing their support team to test it's availability. Strong after sales warranty and after sales support will give you peace of mind. And assure that your spa's covered if it has any issues.


With some research to support your spa, you can rest easier about your spa buying decision. You'll be on track to becoming a satisfied spa buyer and spa owner!