Spa & Swim Spa Do's and Don'ts

Spa & Swim Spa Do's and Don'ts

Make the most from your Hot Tub Experience!

Here are our Spa and Swim Spa Do's and Don'ts! We want to help you get the most rest and relaxation out of your hot tub experience.

Spa & Swim Spa Do's

  • Spas are perfect for together time. Enjoy soothing warm water, and being close to each other. Spas help you relax with the warm water which naturally triggers your body to release endorphins to reduce stress and increase circulation. 
  • Spas bring people together. And are prefect for creating intimate conversation with family, friends. Have a break from screens and connect more deeply with your friends and loved ones.
  • Enjoy star gazing on cold winter’s nights! And ponder the universe and our place in it! Nothing like disconnecting and relaxing deeply for your health.
  • Enjoy relief from muscle spasms, weak muscles, pain, joint range. Hot tubs improve motion, poor balance, and promote better coordination. All of which provides considerable relief with a regular spa regime.
  • Use hot tubs regularly for effective stress relief! Perfect for those dealing with stress and/or chronic pain. Hot tub warm water offers gentle resistance movement and with the deeper water depths a Swim Spa you can even get achieve a great water workout!
  • Use your spa regularly and feel better! A hydrotherapy regime releases endorphins, reducing stress and increasing your overall wellbeing.

Spa & Swim Spa Don'ts

  • Don't let your spa equipment and water fall out of tip-top condition.
  • Don't ever jump or dive into a hot tub. Play it safe and enter the spa responsibly and with careful attention.
  • Don't exceed 40 degrees celsius in your hot tub. Extremely high water temperatures (exceeding 42 degrees celsius) can potentially lead to heat stroke.
  • Don't forget your age and health can determine the safe temperature zone. Always check with a health professional before adopting a hot spa regime. And stay safe.
  • Don't dehydrate through overheating. This is as simple as making sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your spa session.
  • Don't ignore your filter care. Every spa filter requires a little bit of minor care. And by rinsing and washing your filters regularly you can make sure that your water remains sparkling clean.
  • After longer spa sessions don't forget to ease yourself out! Your body has been in a deep state of tranquility and your motor skills need a moment to adjust as you are getting out.
  • Don't forget to cover your spa. Spa covers keep your water debris free between sessions. And this saves time required for maintenance later. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Don't fail to make sure you use the spa covers locks. Lockable covers are the first line of defence against small children finding their way into the water. You might also consider installing a pool fence around the spa if there are small children around to further restrict access.
  • Don't allow babies to be taken into in hot spas. Baby bodies can heat to unsafe temperatures. And they can’t communicate their discomfort.

Now Enjoy Your Hot Tub!

Following some basic dos and don'ts makes for the maximum spa experience. And for you and your guests to enjoy a safe and comfortable spa experience! And please always remember to consult your doctor if you have pre-exisiting health conditions. Now enjoy a soak and wash away your worries!

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