How to Prevent Hot Tub Scum

How to Prevent Hot Tub Scum

Use Spa Sanitiser Effectively

Bodily residue is the most common cause of hot tub scum — dead skin cells, layers of our skin, and hairs, bodies oils and sweat all end up in the water. Without action, they eventually form hot tub scum on the surface of the water, or a scum ring around the hot tub shell.

Sanitisers kill bacteria and viruses and keep the water clean. A low sanitiser level will allow bacteria and viruses to grow quickly in the spa water. To raise the sanitiser level, simply add an approved sanitiser. A high sanitiser level can cause discomfort to eyes, lungs and skin. To lower the sanitiser level, simply wait – the sanitiser level will naturally drop over time. Effective and safe sanitisers include Granular Chlorine (Dichlor-type only), HydrogenPeroxide and Granular Bromine.

Minimise Bodily Secretions, And Toiletries

A quick rinse before entering your spa can help all those loose hairs and body oils out of your hot tub water. A rinse can also remove the lotions, perfumes, makeup, and deodorants. Although, in some cases a full shower is all that will remove these.

Keep Metals Out Of Your Water

Normal sanitation does not eliminate Chloramines (trapped Chlorine), Bromamines (trapped Bromine), along non-filterable wastes, such as perspiration, oils, hair sprays, etc. that can build up in the water. These substances make the water unattractive in appearance and odour, and can interfere with sanitiser effectiveness.

Shock Your Spa Regularly

Shocking your hot tub is part of your regular hot tub maintenance, which means you’re probably adding shock every two weeks or so.But if you’re having trouble keeping the hot tub scum at bay, try shocking once a week instead. And remember to shock once a week anyway if your hot tub is getting heavy use, either with more people or more frequent use, or both.

Keep Your Filters In Optimum Health

Spa filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks, or as required.  This depends on bather usage and surrounding elements.  Regular cleaning of filters will ensure maximum filtration of spa water and will prolong the life of your filter.  Just hosing down the filter will not clean it.  The filter traps body fats which are an oily build up that water will not disperse.  Use Spa Fresh Filter Scrub to dissolve these body fats, then hose down with a garden hose.

Clean Your Hot Tub Regularly

A circulation pump maximises water filtration in your spa, with the greatest energy efficiency. The high movement and low wattage circulation pumps used in our range of spas has the highest 10 Star Energy efficiency rating and has been rated as the best performing filtration system in the industry.

Test The Water Regularly

It is recommended you regularly test your water using Spa Test Strips, to enable you to test and adjust if required. The tests allow you assess the water quality, and adjust if required.