Maintaining Your Spa During Winter

Maintaining Your Spa During Winter

Managing Your Spa in Winter

Few experiences can compare to relaxing in a heated spa as during winter. For that pleasure alone, you might choose to keep your spa running during the chilly winter months. Just be aware that your hot tub will take longer to heat up and that your energy costs will go up when it's cold outdoors.

If you choose to shut your spa for winter, spend some time learning how to maintain your equipment and prevent your spa from freezing over the chilly months.

Preparing for Winter Spa Use

Drain and clean your hot tub

Drain and clean your spa, then re-fill it with new water before it becomes too chilly. This gives your spa water a clean slate to begin during the winter months. You should not use a spa in the winter with unheated, stagnant water because it will freeze and cause damage to the pipes and the hot tub.

Keep Your Cover On

The water's surface loses temperature the most. Make sure your spa cover is in excellent condition before the winter season arrives. If you don't, your energy bills may end up costing far more than you anticipated.

Invest in a Quality Thermal Blanket

Along with a top-notch spa cover, adding a floating thermal blanket between the water and the cover will help keep the water even warmer and save down on your energy expenditures throughout the winter.

Keep Your Water Levels Topped Up

Check the water level in your spa during the winter, especially if you haven't used it in a few weeks. If it falls too low, your heater and pump may cut off, causing ice and perhaps even harmful to your spa elements.

Storing Your Spa for Winter

Clean the Spas Plumbing

To clean out the plumbing, you must first do a spa line flush. After that, empty your hot tub completely of water.

Drain The Spa

Make sure to properly drain your hot tub before it gets too cold if you don't intend to use it throughout the winter. Freezing water, which can happen if your hot tub isn't properly winterized, is what leads to the majority of cold-weather damage to spas. You may end up paying far more for this harm than if you simply leave it empty throughout the winter.

Remove the Filters

An ideal opportunity to remove and clean the filters is when your spa is being shut down for the winter. They should be cleaned, dried, and stored in a secure location over the winter. Simply throw them away if they're worn out, and then replace them when you start your hot tub in the spring.

Remove the Headrests

It's also an ideal opportunity to remove and clean the headrests is when your spa is being shut down for the winter. They should be cleaned, dried, and stored in a secure location over the winter.

Give the Spa a Good Clean

Before covering and locking the hot tub for the winter, wipe away any water that has accumulated inside of it and give it a thorough cleaning. Opening your spa in the spring will be a lot simpler as a result.

Summing Up

You should start planning how you'll use your spa over the winter as soon as the cold arrives. If you choose to leave it running to use it on those chilly evenings, you must make sure it is equipped to function in the cold climate.

Taking these simple steps will guarantee that your spa stays in good working order and assist you in avoiding damage that can necessitate costly repairs in the spring.

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