Spa Accessory Ideas

Spa Accessory Ideas

Accessorise Your Spa!

With so many options available you can easily customise your Spa experience to make the most of your spa and any weather. Any or all of these spa accessories can do the trick. So here are 9 amazing accessories that can help you enjoy your spa experience even more!

Aquatic Exercise Dumbells

Made from EVA foam, providing buoyancy and low water absorption a pair of aquatic exercise dumbells work your upper body as well as your lower back and abs for a total fitness workout

Solar Powered Color Changing 14-Inch Balls

These led rbg ball lights automatically change color every 25 seconds for a remarkable effect that wow's all your guests. The floating balls add brilliant color, energy, and excitement to backyard, pool, and rooms. These balls are a big 14 inches. They light up the entire area with fabulous changing color.

Spa Aromatherapy Bags

Variety is the spice of life! These classic Spa Aromatherapy Bags are a perfect way to find your favorite fragrances. Each pillow packet treats a 500 gallon spa. Each fragrance packet contains our Rx blend of Vitamins C & E, along with Aloe Extracts and hair and skin moisturizers. InSPAration Spa Fragrance 1/2 oz. sample Pillow Packets in a Gift Bag!

AmazeFan Luxury Bath Pillow

Some Spa pillows rest your head by sinking your sore neck into a plush, soft premium bath pillow. Perfect for while you're soaking in a spa and a great gift!

Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Garden Sunshade

An outdoor umbrella featuring a coated steel construction and thick pole frame ensures stability and durability and provides shade and better protection from weather elements!

Floating Spa Bar

The Floating Spa Bar refreshment tray has several convenient compartments for drinks with 6 colour coded drink holders so you know which drink is yours and 1 large bottle holder that allows everyone to easily access drinks. The Spa Bar is unintrusive in colour, and made from dense and durable lightweight foam with a strong textured finish. The Spa Bar is UV-protected from sunlight, with exceptional appearance and performance that's absolutely perfect for your spa or swim spa

The Spa Bar is easy to use with no assembly, inflation or deflation required, no need to worry about deflation, this puncture-proof foam is durable and will not accidentally deflate!

Spa Hard Cover Lifters

No more manually lifting off your spa cover, now if can be done effortlessly with a hard cover lifter. Designed to be weather resistant for years of trouble free lifting, our spa hard cover lifters can be attached to your spa and will lift the cover from its regular position to upright in one easy motion.

Extra Set of Filters

An extra set of Spa Filters can make for easy change over and installation that makes caring for your spa or swim spa easy. These filters work on a continuous cycle to fight the growth of bacteria, cleaning your spa even when it’s not in use.

2 Tier Eterna Steps

Our large, slip-resistant stairs with tread for safety are a better alternative to wooden steps. Strong, yet light, stable and attractive Max weight capacity 165kg

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