Spa Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Spa Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Spa Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

Spa Hydrotherapy has been shown to positively provide relief for sufferers from lower back pain. Spas create hydrostatic pressure, reducing joint inflammation, which aids mobility. The buoyancy experienced in spas helps joints and muscles to relax and become more pliable, reducing pain and improving circulation.

Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)

80% of the Western world population will suffer from lower back pain, or lumbago.

Common causes of lower back pain include improper lifting, poor posture, lack of regular exercise, a fracture, a ruptured disc or arthritis.

Can Spas Help with Lumbago?

Yes, spas can help provide relief from lumbago. Spas by their very nature, spas are muscle-relaxing. They open up the muscles and allow more blood flow. They help the body expel lactic acid.

When a structure in the body becomes injured, the muscles around it contract around it to prevent further damage. The damaged body tissue is less likely to be injured further.

The hydrostatic pressure spas create if effective also at reducing joint inflammation which increases mobility. As the joints and muscles relax they become more pliable, resulting in reduced pain and improved circulation.

After Your Spa is a Good Time to Stretch

After your relaxing 15-20 minute soak can be a great time to loosen tight hamstrings which can strain the lower back. Gentle yoga can be a great option if that feels good for your body.

Yoga poses like upward-facing dog pose and sun salutations will move your spine through a wide range of motion. Be sure to do these poses slowly, holding each pose for a few breaths.

Enjoy Relief from Lumbago Using Hot Tubs

Spas are a proven method to bring relief to sufferers of lumbago. They minimise pressure on joints through the weightlessness of the body in water, and in doing so provide pain treatment for injuries and on-going medical conditions. They are also perfect for people suffering from arthritis, gout and even those with weight issues.

So consider a spa for a regular spa therapy routine. You'll enjoy relief from lumbago, and also heightened flexibility, strength, and a wider range of physical motion