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September 09, 2021

Hot Tub Exercises for Fitness and Flexibility

It's important to speak with to your healthcare provider prior to commencing any exercise program. This helps determine whether your current fitness level supports the new proposed exercise.

The Advantages of Hot Exercise

Spas are an excellent tool for maintaining or improving your fitness. With your body immersed in water you can improve your health performance without the negative impact of land-based exercises.

The Hot Tub Exercises

Spas enable all kinds of workouts, from cardio, weighted workouts, aerobics and even yoga.

Heel Raises

In a standing position, raise from your heels onto your toes, then back to your heels again. Repeat this on both legs. If you lose your balance,  grab the side of the spa.

Core Work

Facing the middle of your spa while seated, bring your knees into your chest, then extend your legs again. Make sure to keep your back straight during this exercise. Repeat for desired number of sets.

Water Peddling

From a seated position, pedal your legs similar to a pedalling a bicycle. Continue this motion for a period of time that feels right to your body. Rest and repeat this exercise for a number of sets.


For this exercise, squat down as if you're about to sit. But just as your bottom is about to reach the seat, hold the position for three seconds, then stand back up. Repeat this for a number of sets.

Shoulder Rolls

Just like regular shoulder rolls, with this exercise you roll your shoulders, back and forward in both directions. The aim of this motion is full extension, while keeping as loose as possible during the exercise. Repeat for number of sets in both forward and backward motion.

Hand Claps

Clapping your hands while underwater will work your chest, biceps, shoulders, and triceps. To perform this exercise clap your hands together underwater, then open your arms wide and repeat this motion for the required number of sets.


A spa can be the perfect spot to stretch out your body. The warm water immersion helps your muscles be relaxed, and the water's buoyancy helps reduce the risk of injury. Stretching before and after your workout can also help prevent injury and muscle soreness.

Summing it Up

With regular use of your spa for exercise, your fitness levels will increase. You can add more reps or more sets as you progress. You can also consider introducing light hand weights when you're ready for a greater challenge.

Over time you'll also notice improved muscle tone, flexibility, and even weight loss.