7 things to look for when buying a spa

7 things to look for when buying a spa

Here are 7 things to consider for when buying a spa

Hot tubs are a fun addition to family times and outdoor parties. They also provide numerous health and wellness benefits. Here are the important things to think about when shopping for a spa or swim spa.

  1. The Spa Construction: Look for a spa built to last. A well made spa should last 10-15 years before needing replacement. Choose your spa from a large reputable spa manufacturer that is proven to last.

    A quality spa shell is at the heart of any quality spa. There are various types of spa shells available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl, plastic, and acrylic are the most commonly used materials.

    High-quality acrylic is durable and energy-efficient, and it looks great. Acrylic shells protect against fading caused by sunlight and are both attractive and durable. They are also available in a variety of colours. a good spa shell also keeps its heat really well. So remember to look for a premium quality spa shell made from a single sheet of high-quality acrylic.

    You also want to make sure the spa cabinet has been made using multiple injection-moulded supports that join the base to the spa shell. A quality spa frame will often last for decades!

    A spa should be appealing, long-lasting, energy-efficient, able to withstand years of use, and easy to clean. When shopping for a spa, one of the most important considerations is the quality and durability of the inner and outer spa parts.

  2. Safety: To maximise Spa safety it’s important to choose a spa with a heavy-duty and well-insulated lid. This item secures the spa when not in use. Cheaper spas can have thin, low-density, light covers. These should be avoided as they provide ineffective safety. They will also need replacing sooner than quality spa covers from major manufacturers.

    NOTE: it's important to also fence your spa, particularly if there are small children in the house. Consult your local government authority to make sure you meet the government requirements for your location

  3. The Spa Sanitising system: The spas sanitising system functions to keep the water clean and clear. And helps minimise the time required maintaining the spa water. Look for a spa with an automatic sanitiser system to do most of the work for you and make owning a spa much easier and more enjoyable. You’ll still need to check and adjust your chemicals every week but it’ll be a matter if minutes and not hours. 
  4. The Spa Control System: If your spas control system fails,  your spa won't work. This makes this element an important piece of equipment you want to get right!  Make sure the spa uses a recognised and reliable brand of control system. The leader in this field are the Balboa® and Gecko® control systems.
  5. The Spa Massage Jets: Pay close attention to the quality of the spas massage jets. The jets deliver the hydrotherapy experience at the spa. There are different massage jets that provide different types of massage action e.g. pulsing, rotating, soothing or kneading. And each set of jets should be strategically positioned to target specific areas of your body. Make sure the spa you choose has jets positioned to cater for the areas of your body you experience the most mentions: i/e lower back, neck and shoulder, hips and/or feet. Remember, when it comes to hydrotherapy, jet design and placement is more important than the number of jets. Sometimes too many jets leads to low water pressure and poorer jet performance.
  6. The Spa Circulation Pump: The quality of the circulation pump is essential. A circ pump makes all the difference to your spa ownership experience. Look for a spa from a reputable manufacturer as their circulation pumps tend to be more quiet, reliable, and use a lot less electricity than cheaper versions.
  7. The Spa Warranty: Excellent Spa warranties and after-sale service give peace of mind knowing that your spa is covered under a manufacturer’s guarantee. If something goes wrong with your spa, the manufacturer will repair or replace the part(s) as needed. You should expect to get:
    • Hydrotherapy Spa Jets: 2-5 years warranty
    • Spa Heater and plumbing: 2-5 years warranty
    • The Water Pump: 2-5 years warranty
    • Spa Acrylic: 5-8 years warranty
    • Spa Shell Cabinet and Frame: 8-10 years warranty

Summing Up

in summary, look for the following when purchasing a spa or swim spa:

  • An automated sanitising system
  • Quality Hydrotherapy Spa jets suited to your use case
  • A heavy-duty and safe spa cover
  • A quality automated circulation pump
  • An injection-moulded frame
  • High quality single sheet acrylic shell
  • A recognised brand of spa controller
  • Good warranties and after-sale services

There are hundreds of different components in spas and each manufacturer offers a wide variety of options. It can be difficult for buyers to work out what features they should look for. Hopefully this article has provided the essential things to look when considering your new spa and why they're important.

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