Simple, Effective Hot Tub Stretches

Simple, Effective Hot Tub Stretches

Simple, Effective Hot Tub Stretches

Stretching exercises are a key part of any wellness program, improving the range of motion of your joints, and keeping you mobile. Stretching also helps improve circulation, your posture and also relieves stress by relaxing tense muscles. 

So next time you're heading into your spa, stretch out by trying the following hot tub stretches. Stay flexible and relaxed at the same time!

Before you Begin

Let your muscles warm up for a few minutes before beginning. To aid with warm-up, you can begin with light leg peddling/walking, and/or alternating knee lifts. Also remember that each stretch should be held for 20 to 30 seconds. And that you should never experience any pain during stretching.

The Trunk Twist

With your shoulders submerged underwater, grab your right knee with your left hand. Now twist to the right. Look over your right shoulder to deepen the stretch. Hold on to the edge of the hot tub with your right hand to stabilise yourself. Then, repeat on the other side.

The Hamstring Lengthen

Grabbing your right foot under the water with both hands. Next, straighten your leg directly in front of you as far as is comfortable. Then alternate flexing and pointing your foot, without locking your knee. Repeat on the other side.

The Front Shoulder Stretch

Grip the front edge of your chair firmly with both hands. Edge your bum off of the seat and dip your hips as low as you can. Alternate tucking your elbows in close to the body, and away from your body for variation.

The Core Work

Hold onto your chair with both hands while bringing both legs together into your body. Next, fully extend both legs straight out from your body. Keep your spine straight your shoulders down. For added arm exercise you can do this exercise with your buttocks/body off the seat and floating.

Leg Kicks

As you would pedal a bicycle, cycle your legs in and out. You can alternatively perform the exercise by keeping your legs straight and lifting your feet off the ground until they're parallel to each other.

Arm Lifts

Underwater, hold your arms straight out from your sides so they're parallel to the floor. Alternate between bringing your arms together and apart to work your chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

The Half Moon Pose

Place your hands on your lower spine. Keep your elbows are bent and tucked into your body. Pushing the hips forward, lifting the chest and looking up towards the sky if comfortable. Keep your feet planted on the floor during this exercise.

The Upper Back Stretch

Give yourself a hug while sitting down or standing. Wrap your arms around yourself and try to reach your shoulders with your fingers.

Ankle Circles

You can perform these stretches either sitting in the hot tub or lying down in the swim spa. Stretch out your leg, then make a circular motion with your foot. Change direction and do it again on the other side.


Hydrotherapy stretching exercises help people stay supple while reducing stress. This is why spas are great places to stretch and exercise while enjoying the benefits of Hydrotherapy. Remember to stretch both sides, and that it is normal for one side of your body to feel tighter.


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