Why do Australian spa companies manufacture in China?

Why do Australian spa companies manufacture in China?

Modern Chinese Spa Manufacturing

Where spas are built is not as important as how they're constructed. What's important is the materials used in their construction, and the effectiveness of the manufacturers' quality controls. Today some of the best spas are made in China, including our own Spas Wholesale range.

Spa manufacturing in China is similar to many other products in the world. Most people would have no issue buying an Apple product (all of which are manufactured in China). And may have less comfort buying electronics made in Australia (which doesn't have a manufacturing industry for electronic goods).

The Focus on High Quality Manufacturing

Labour costs are usually the largest factor when it comes to deciding where to open up shop. Because of the high costs associated with making things in Australia, most spa companies now manufacture products overseas.

You might be surprised to discover that when there’s less labour involved, the quality of the products produced tends to increase.

Spa products require a lot of time and effort to produce. Labour costs make up about one-third (30%) of the overall production cost for manufacturers located in high labour cost regions like Australia and New Zealand. In order for manufacturers to reduce their costs, they will often seek out locations where it takes less time to manufacture products than elsewhere. When making products in low-cost labor markets such as China and Mexico where wages are relatively cheap, you can afford to pay for high levels of worker training and supervision so that you produce a quality product.

To manufacture a good product at low prices requires implementing effective quality control processes. At Spas Wholesale we have quality control personnel embedded within our factories who are backed up by quality control managers who visit suppliers on a monthly bases. Our systems are equivalent to, if not better than, the quality assurance systems used by manufacturers in developed nations, ensuring that any products which fail to meet the rigorous standards, do not leave the factories.

Are spas still made in Australia and New Zealand good quality?

Most of the time, yes. Sapphire Spa's and some Endless Spas are manufactured in Australia. They're not quite as advanced as some, but they're pretty decent for their price range. Most other products of similar price will be comparable to these items.

It’s important to note that these spas aren't actually made by the companies listed here; they're just assembled from local parts. Most of the components for these shells come from the same sources used by most other manufacturers.

Things you should look for when selecting a spa or swim spa

1) The warranty: A warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that your spa is covered under a manufacturer’s guarantee. This means that if something goes wrong with your spa, the manufacturer will repair or replace the part(s) needed.

2) Quality materials: Look for a spa shell made from durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic. You want to avoid using cheaper materials that could break down over time.

3) Durability: Some spas are built to last, while others may only last a few years before needing replacement. It’s best to choose a spa that has been tested and proven to last.

4) Safety features: Always check to see if the spa includes safety features such as an emergency shut off valve and/or a drain plug. These features help prevent water damage in case of a leak.

5) Water flow capacity: If you plan to use the spa regularly, consider how much water it can hold. Make sure there is enough room to accommodate all the users.

6) Price: There are many different types of spas available, each with its own set of pros and cons. While some spas are more expensive than others, most offer great value for money.

7) Customer service: Remember that customer service isn’t always free! Do some research online to find reviews of spas and read what customers say about them. Find out whether the company offers a return policy and how long it takes to receive refunds.

8) Ease of maintenance: How easy is it to clean the spa? Can you easily remove the filter? 

9) Warranty: What does the warranty cover? Will it include labor costs?

10) Size: Don’t forget to measure the area where the spa will go. Check to make sure the size will fit comfortably in your backyard.

11) Features: Consider the features offered by the spa. Some models include adjustable jets, LED lighting, bluetooth sound, etc.

12) Design: Choose a design that fits your style. For example, if you like sleek designs, then you might prefer a top of the range model. On the other hand, if you like simple aesthetics, you might enjoy a basic model.

13) Accessories: Many Spa companies offer a range of accessories such as steps, drink trays, cover lifters, etc.

14) Overall impression: When shopping for a new spa, keep in mind that you’re not simply buying a piece of equipment. Instead, you’re investing in your home’s décor. So choose a spa that matches your overall aesthetic.

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