5 ways to maximise the life of your spa cover

5 ways to maximise the life of your spa cover

Maximise the life of your Spa Cover and Save Money

A spa cover has an important job to do. Covers protect your spa from the elements and debris, reduce its running costs and most importantly help keep your spa safe!

In this article, you'll learn how to save you money & time by maximising the life of your spa cover.

1/ Keep the Cover On When Possible

When you aren't using your spa, it's a smart idea to keep your spa cover on. And make sure securely locked. Keeping the lid on between your spa sessions will reduce your heating costs, reduce water loss through evaporation and help to maintain the water's chemical levels.

Also keeping the spa cover on when not in use will also make sure the water is secure from kids and pets. The spa cover is also required to be on with many local councils for safety, for details on this please check for your region.

2/ Regularly Clean the Spa Cover

Periodically cleaning your spa cover to keep it looking great and doing its job. Simply cleaning the cover will contribute to extending the life of your cover!

To clean the cover, take it off the spa, and gently spray the outside with water. Then for the outside, use a mild detergent and gently scrub the cover all over. Make sure to rinse the cover before the detergent dries to prevent marks from forming. And for the inside of the cover, simply use water only and wip dry with a towel. And that's it, you are done!

3/ Protect the Cover from the Harsh Elements

The wind, rain and sun can have a devastating effect on your spa cover. So there are steps we must take to provide protection from the elements. We recommend applying a cover protectant spray to protect your cover from the sun, as this keeps the cover moisturised and prevents cracks form forming. so it doesn’t crack over time.

Look for environmentally friendly, UV protection sprays. Avoid using oil-based protectants as these can amplify sun rays and rapidly age your hot tub cover. Also note you should never apply laundry detergent, abrasives, alcohols, dish soaps or harsh cleaners to your spa cover (or the spa). These products can damage the topcoat and premature damage the vinyl.

4/ Let the Cover Dry Out Routinely

On warm days, remove the cover, unzip all zippers and allow it to dry out completely. This prevents the cover from becoming waterlogged as this makes the cover far heavier and will age the cover prematurely. You might also discover mould appearing if you fail to dry your cover routinely.

5/ Never Do These Things with your Spa Cover

Never stand on the spa cover. Although spa covers are commonly rated to hold around 10KGs, this is only to offer emergency protection from kids and animals who happen to stand on top of the spa cover.

Do not place heavy objects on the cover. Doing so can cause sagging or break the cover entirely. Placing objects with weight on top of the cover could cause stretching or sagging and prematurely deteriorate the cover.

If ice forms on the cover in winter, remove it with warm water rather than chipping it away as this might inadvertently tear the vinyl.

Never drag your spa cover as this can also inadvertently tear the vinyl. If you are having difficulty lifting the cover on and off the spa, consider using a spa cover lifter for assistance.

Never leave a dog who tends to chew/shred things around your unattended spa cover. Spa covers are a tempting chew toy for some dogs and leaving your cover off and around woffie can often end badly!

In Summary

We hope this article has highlighted useful ways to maintain your spa cover. You've paid good money for your spa and cover so it makes sense to take care of it.

Following these tips you can ensure the cover stays in good condition for as long as possible. And for more assistance or advice, you can always contact our customer care team who are always happy to help.


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