Should I repair or replace my spa cover?

Should I repair or replace my spa cover?

To Repair or Replace a Spa Cover?

In this article however, you'll learn how to tell when it's time to replace your spa cover with a new one. For tips on caring for your existing spa cover, read our other article on how to maximise the life of your spa cover. 

Signs your cover is ready for replacement

Spa covers don't just look good, they provide safety and protection for your investment. But sunlight, weather and wear and tear mean  over time all spa covers will show signs of wear. So how do you tell if you can repair your cover or will need to replace it?

Cracks, holes, tears, fading or sagging

When the condition of your Spa Cover deteriorates to the point it's out of shape, it's often time to consider replacing it. This is because as a spa covers loses it's shape it allows dust and debris to enter your spa when the cover is on. This will negatively affect your water balance and quality. 

Also an out of shape spa cover will also allow water vapour out and heat to escape your spa. This will cost you money over time and so it's often worth the cost of replacing the cover.

Deteriorating Vinyl

If you notice the spa cover has dry or brittle texture, this is often repairable. You can apply an environmentally friendly vinyl UV protection spray to restore the vinyl and give it protection from the elements. Just remember not to use oil-based protectants as they magnify the suns rays leading to premature aging of your spa cover.

Water Logged Spa Covers

If you spa cover becomes waterlogged it is time to replace the cover.

Spa covers are made from water absorbing foam, so once water gets into the cover it produces the a perfect environment for bacteria and mildew to grow. When this occurs, a waterlogged cover can quickly become a health hazard. 

A waterlogged spa cover can also cause damage to other elements of your spa. So in general it's wise to replace the cover if water ever manages to enter the cover. 

Damaged Straps and Locks

Damaged straps and locks on your spa cover can be replaced. And they should be all functional and in good working order as with the cover locks perform a critical safety measure.

Spa cover locks also help keep the spa cover secure when on and help keep your water warm and clean. So it's important to keep them in good working order by repairing them in the event they are damaged.

Wrapping Up

Caring for your spa cover will keep it in good condition for as long as possible. And in the event the cover is damaged, hopefully these guidelines will help you determine when it's time to repair vs replace the cover.

And for more assistance or advice, you can always contact our customer care team who are always happy to help.


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