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April 25, 2022

The Causes of White Mold

If you notice white flakes in your spa water, you are probably seeing white mold. White mold is a fairly spa water common problem, and one easily fixed. However it's important to get rid of it as quickly as possible. This article will show you exactly how!

White mold is a biofilm that forms from bacteria, dead skin cells, and body oils and lotions. White mold is not actually algae, but a naturally occuring fungus. It occurs when the spa water and shell is not balanced and cleaned on a regular basis. So if you are experiencing whire mold it's important to take action and remove it. 

How to Remove White Mold from Spas

If you find your spa has a white water mold buildup, don’t wait. If the mold is allowed to grow it will become harder to remove it for good.

Drain, Clean and Refill your Spa

Step 1: Turn-off main electrical breaker to spa.

Step 2: Locate drain spout below equipment compartment door.

Step 3: Pull the drain spout out with a slight clockwise turn.Note: Drain spout is fully extended at approximately 50mm. Use pliers if needed

Step 4: Remove drain cap.

Step 5: Attach a standard garden hose. Push the drain spout in halfway to actuate the drain.Note: The Spa will drain about 20 litres per minute. Ensure that the drainage is in an area safely away from windowwells or basement entries.Step 6: Once the spa is fully drained, pull the drain spout out all the way, remove hose, replace the drain cap and push drain in all the way.

Step 6: Once the spa is fully drained, pull the drain spout out all the way, remove hose, replace the drain cap and push drain in all the way.

Clean the Spa Shell

Use a spa shell cleaning product to thoroughly clean all of the spa surfaces. Make sure you focus on areas where you can see the mold.

Pay special attention to corners and crevices where mold, algae, or bacteria may be lurking. Use a soft non-scratch cloth or nylon brush to remove any residue. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly and drain all rinse water to avoid the formation of foam when filling the spa bath.

Refill the Spa

Step 1: To avoid air pockets in the pump(s), refill the spa with water by placing the hose into the filter compartment through the Weir door. Fill to the water level indication on the faceplate of the filter assembly.

Step 2: Restore electrical power supply.

Step 3: Press any button to reset the control system.

Step 4: Following instructions in Starting the Spa with New Water.

Important: Never fill the spa with soft water unless an appropriate mineral supplement is immediately added. If your water is extremely hard, it is preferable to either dilute the water’s hardness by blending the water with water from a water softener, or by the addition of a special water softening chemical.

Clean Your Spa Filters

Spa filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks, or as required.  This depends on bather usage and surrounding elements.  Regular cleaning of filters will ensure maximum filtration of spa water and will prolong the life of your filter.  Just hosing down the filter will not clean it.  The filter traps body fats which are an oily build up that water will not disperse.  Use Spa Fresh Filter Scrub to dissolve these body fats, then hose down with a garden hose.

Summing Up

Preventing white mold is our best way to enjoy a optimum spa experience. If you do develop white mold, just follow these simple steps and make sure to be more consistent cleaning and balancing your spas water in the future. Happy soaking!

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